20 IKEA Kids Play Room Ideas

Creating a dedicated playroom for your kids is a fantastic way to encourage imagination, exploration, and independent play.

But with so many toys and activities, it can be easy for the space to become cluttered and chaotic. Here’s where IKEA comes in!

With its wide range of affordable, functional, and often hackable furniture, IKEA offers endless possibilities for designing a playroom that’s both fun and functional.

This blog post delves into 20 inspiring IKEA playroom ideas, categorized to cater to different needs and age groups.

Building Blocks for Creativity:

Art & Craft Station:

The FLISAT table is a versatile hero. Pair it with TROFAST storage bins for easy access to art supplies like crayons, paints, and construction paper. Hang open pegboards with hooks for displaying finished masterpieces.

Cozy Reading Nook:

Transform a KALLAX shelving unit into a comfy reading nook. Add bins for books and plush toys, drape a cozy throw over a bench, and string fairy lights for a magical touch.

Dramatic Play Corner:

Let imaginations soar with a simple clothes rack and a selection of dress-up clothes. Add a mirror for costume checks and a basket for storing accessories like hats, scarves, and purses.

Storage Solutions that Spark Joy:

Toy Rotation Powerhouse:

Utilize the TROFAST system! Wall-mounted units free up floor space, while the colorful bins keep toys organized and easily accessible. Rotate toys periodically to maintain freshness and prevent overwhelm.

Cube Storage with Personality:

Customize KALLAX cubes with colorful inserts and baskets. Label baskets with pictures or words for younger children, encouraging them to put toys away independently.

Open Storage for Easy Access:

Opt for open shelving like EKBY VALTER or EKBY BJÄRNUM to display favorite books and toys. This makes it easier for kids to explore their belongings and fosters a sense of ownership.

Playful Touches and Activities:

DIY Play Kitchen:

Give your little chef a place to cook up imaginary feasts with a simple kitchen island hack. Use a KALLAX unit with a countertop and add toy appliances and cookware.

Puppet Show Theater:

Hang a tension rod across a doorway and drape fabric for a quick and easy puppet show theater. Encourage storytelling and dramatic play with hand puppets or finger puppets.

Cozy Tent Hideaway:

Create a magical hideaway with textiles and furniture. Drape fabric over a KURA bed or teepee frame to create a cozy nook for reading or imaginative play.

Sensory Play and Early Learning:

Calming Corner:

Designate a quiet area for sensory exploration. Fill a TROFAST bin with soft materials like beanbags or scarves. Add a rocking chair or a floor cushion for a calming retreat.

Water Play Station:

Dedicate a corner for water play activities. Use a shallow plastic bin for splashing and pouring with cups and funnels. Add colorful bath toys and sponges for imaginative bath time fun.

Building Block Bonanza:

Stock up on classic building blocks like DUPLO or wooden blocks. Use a sturdy table like the SUNDVIK and dedicate storage bins for easy cleanup.

Zones for Different Age Groups:

Sensory Play Paradise for Toddlers:

Designate a soft play area with a thick rug and cushioned furniture like the POÄNG chair. Fill bins with soft toys, textured balls, and stacking cups.

Creative Corner for Preschoolers:

Create a dedicated space for arts and crafts with a large tabletop like the LINNMON and plenty of storage for art supplies. Include an easel and a whiteboard for artistic expression.

Construction Zone for School-Aged Kids:

Provide ample space for building with blocks or LEGO. Invest in a sturdy table that can handle larger projects, like the HAUGA or the BJUÖRSTA.

Imaginative Inspiration and Learning:

Reading Nook with Learning Focus:

Incorporate a comfortable armchair or beanbag in the reading area. Fill shelves with a mix of picture books, chapter books, and educational books. Include a reading lamp for nighttime stories.

Science Lab Station:

Dedicate a work surface for scientific exploration. Include bins for magnifying glasses, measuring cups, and other kid-friendly science tools. Display a world map or a solar system chart on the wall for inspiration.

Art Wall for Inspiration:

Designate a wall for displaying children’s artwork. Hang a picture wire or use clothespins strung across a rope for a rotating gallery that showcases their creativity.

Maximizing Space:

Vertical Play Storage:

Utilize wall space with wall-mounted storage solutions like TROFAST or EKBY shelves. This frees up floor space and keeps toys organized and easily accessible. You can even paint the storage units in bright colors for a playful touch.

Multi-Functional Furniture:

Consider furniture that serves multiple purposes. The KURA bed frame can be transformed into a playhouse with curtains and textiles. Loft beds like the STORA allow for a play area underneath, freeing up valuable floor space.

Bonus Tips:

  • Personalize the Space: Incorporate your child’s personality into the design. Add wall decals with their favorite characters or paint a mural showcasing their interests.
  • Involve Your Child: Let your child participate in the planning process. Get their input on the color scheme, furniture layout, and storage solutions. This fosters a sense of ownership and encourages them to take pride in their play space.
  • Lighting for Play: Consider incorporating different lighting options. Task lighting over a crafting table, fairy lights for a cozy reading nook, and dimmers for adjustable brightness all contribute to the overall ambience of the playroom.
  • Safety First: Ensure the playroom is safe for children. Secure furniture to walls to prevent tipping, use soft rugs to cushion falls, and keep electrical outlets out of reach.

Remember, the key to a successful playroom is creating a space that sparks your child’s imagination and encourages them to explore, learn, and grow. With a little creativity and these IKEA playroom ideas, you can design a functional and fun environment that your child will love!

Additional Resources:

By utilizing IKEA’s affordable and versatile furniture solutions, you can create a playroom that’s both stylish and functional, fostering a love of play and learning in your child’s formative years.

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