24 Letter O Activities for Preschool

When it comes to introducing the letter “O,” there are numerous exciting options that can captivate young minds.

From exploring the wonders of the ocean to creating masterpieces with colorful orbs, here are easy & fun letter O activities for preschoolers.

Origami Ocean Creatures:

Combine creativity and fine motor skills by making origami ocean creatures with preschoolers. Provide origami paper and instructions for creating various sea creatures like an origami fish, origami octopus, or origami seahorse.

Ooey-Gooey Sensory Play:

Engage preschoolers in a hands-on sensory experience with ooey-gooey materials. Fill a sensory table or large container with items that start with the letter “O,” such as oobleck (a mixture of cornstarch and water), oatmeal, and orange-colored slime.

O-shaped Collage:

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Provide preschoolers with a variety of craft materials, including construction paper, magazine cutouts, and stickers, all featuring objects that start with the letter “O.” Guide them in creating an O-shaped collage by gluing or sticking these items onto a large cardboard or poster board cut in the shape of the letter “O.”

Octopus Counting Game:

Combine math skills with the letter “O” by playing an octopus-themed counting game. Draw or print out an octopus shape and attach it to a wall or bulletin board. Cut out several circles from different-colored paper to represent “ocean bubbles.” Number each bubble from 1 to 10 and distribute them randomly around the room.

Oral Storytelling:

Encourage preschoolers to use their imagination and storytelling skills through oral storytelling sessions. Gather a collection of storybooks or create your own stories featuring characters and objects that start with the letter “O.” Sit in a circle and take turns telling stories, incorporating as many “O” words as possible.

Outdoor Nature Hunt:

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Take the preschoolers on an exciting outdoor nature hunt, focusing on objects or items related to the letter “O.” Provide each child with a small basket or bag and a list of “O” words, such as an oak leaf, acorn, orange flower, and butterfly.

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Oatmeal Playdough Creations:

Engage preschoolers in sensory play and creativity by making oatmeal play dough. In a bowl, combine equal parts of oats, flour, and water, along with a few drops of food coloring for added fun. Allow the children to mix and knead the dough until it reaches a mold-able consistency. Provide cookie cutters, rolling pins, and other play dough tools, and encourage them to create various objects and shapes that start with the letter “O.”

Ostrich Feather Painting:

Introduce preschoolers to the fascinating world of ostriches through a unique painting activity. Provide large sheets of paper and a variety of paint colors. Alongside the painting supplies, offer ostrich feathers for the children to use as brushes. Demonstrate how to dip the feather into the paint and create beautiful strokes and patterns on the paper.

Outdoor Olympics:

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Organize a mini “Olympics” event for preschoolers, filled with fun and active games centered around the letter “O.” Set up stations with activities like “Obstacle Course Relay,” “Oversized Ball Toss,” “Obstacle Jumping,” and “Olympic Ring Toss.”

Origami Adventures:

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Introduce preschoolers to the art of origami by guiding them in creating various paper crafts using the letter “O” as inspiration. Choose simple origami designs, such as an origami owl, origami boat, or origami octagon. Provide square sheets of paper and demonstrate the folding techniques step by step, encouraging the children to follow along.

Ocean Sensory Bin:

Create an engaging sensory experience by setting up an ocean-themed sensory bin. Fill a large container with blue water or blue-tinted rice. Add plastic sea creatures, seashells, and other items related to the ocean.

O is for Outdoor Water Play:

Beat the heat with outdoor water play activities centered around the letter “O.” Set up a water table or a designated play area with various water-related objects and toys. Include items like water balloons, spray bottles, plastic ocean animals, and toy boats.

Oobleck Science Experiment:

Conduct a science experiment with preschoolers using oobleck, a non-Newtonian fluid made from a mixture of cornstarch and water. Prepare a large batch of oobleck and place it in a shallow container. Let the children explore the unique properties of oobleck by squishing it, squeezing it, and observing how it behaves as both a solid and a liquid.

O is for Opposites:

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Introduce preschoolers to the concept of opposites through an interactive game. Create flashcards with pairs of opposite words that start with the letter “O,” such as open/closed, old/new, or over/under. Show each flashcard to the children and ask them to identify and demonstrate the opposite action or concept.

Outdoor Observation Walk:

Take the preschoolers on an outdoor observation walk, specifically searching for objects or elements that start with the letter “O.” Provide each child with a small notebook and a pencil to record their findings.

Ongoing Outdoor Music Exploration:

Foster a love for music with an ongoing outdoor music exploration activity. Provide a variety of musical instruments or objects that produce sounds starting with the letter “O,” such as an ocean drum, xylophone, or maracas.

O is for Occupation Dress-Up:

Introduce preschoolers to different occupations that start with the letter “O” through a dress-up activity. Set up a dress-up corner with various costumes and props related to occupations like doctor, firefighter, or astronaut.

Ongoing Outdoor Art:

Take the preschoolers outdoors and provide them with art supplies to create ongoing outdoor art inspired by the letter “O.” Set up an easel or large canvas board and invite children to paint or draw objects they see in nature that start with the letter “O,” such as flowers, leaves, or animals.

Ocean Yoga:

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Combine movement and mindfulness by introducing preschoolers to ocean-themed yoga poses. Begin by discussing different sea creatures that start with the letter “O,” such as octopus, otter, or ocean waves. Demonstrate and guide the children in performing yoga poses that mimic these creatures or elements of the ocean.

Olfactory Sensory Exploration:

Engage preschoolers’ sense of smell through an olfactory sensory exploration activity. Set up several scent stations with different objects or containers filled with items that start with the letter “O,” such as orange peels, cinnamon sticks, or fresh herbs like oregano or mint. Blindfold the children and allow them to smell each station, guessing the object or scent associated with the letter “O.”


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