25 Amazing Technology Activities for Preschoolers

As technology becomes increasingly integrated into our daily lives, it’s never too early to start teaching children about the basics of technology.

For preschoolers, this means introducing them to technology through fun, engaging activities that foster their creativity, problem-solving skills, and love of learning.

In this blog post, we’ll explore 20 Technology Activities for Preschoolers age 3 – 5 year olds, ranging from simple coding games to hands-on building projects.

Whether you’re a parent, teacher, or caregiver, these activities are sure to captivate and inspire your little ones, while also preparing them for the digital world they’ll be growing up in.

“Coding” with Unplugged Items:

20 Technology Activities for Preschoolers
Source: sphero.com

Preschoolers may not be ready for coding on a computer just yet, but they can still learn the basics of coding through unplugged activities. One idea is to create a “program” using simple commands, such as “walk forward,” “turn left,” and “jump.” Then, have the child follow the program and see if they end up where they wanted to go. Another activity is to create a “code” using colored cards, with each color representing a different action, such as “clap hands” or “stand up.” The child can then follow the code and perform the actions in the correct order.

Virtual Field Trips:

Source: govalleykids.com

With technology, preschoolers can explore the world without ever leaving the classroom. Take them on virtual field trips to places like the zoo, the beach, or a farm. Use a projector or interactive whiteboard to display the virtual tour, and encourage the children to ask questions and make observations along the way.

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Building with Blocks:

Source: handsonaswegrow.com

While building with blocks may seem like a traditional activity, there are now interactive blocks that can be used with technology. For example, some blocks have sensors that can detect movement and sound, allowing children to create interactive structures that respond to their actions. Other blocks can be used with augmented reality apps, which allow the child to see their creation come to life in a virtual world.

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Storytelling with Digital Tools:

Source: whiteboardblog.co.uk

Preschoolers love to tell stories, and digital tools can make this activity even more fun. Use apps like Puppet Pals or Toontastic to create animated stories with characters and settings that the child creates. Encourage the child to use their imagination and creativity to make their story come to life.

Science Experiments:

Source: empoweredparents.co

Technology can also be used to explore science concepts with preschoolers. Use apps like Science4Us or Mystery Science to introduce topics like weather, plants, or animals. Then, conduct simple experiments or observations to help children understand the concepts. For example, you can use an app to learn about plants and then have the children plant seeds and observe their growth over time.

Music and Movement with Technology:

Source: youtube.com

Use technology to create a fun music and movement activity for preschoolers. Use apps like GoNoodle or Just Dance Kids to encourage children to dance and move along with popular songs. You can also use instruments and technology to create simple songs and have children sing or play along.

Digital Art:

Source: educationalappstore.com

Preschoolers love to create art, and technology can be used to enhance this activity. Use apps like Toca Boca or Drawing Pad to allow children to create digital art on a tablet or computer. Encourage them to explore different colors, shapes, and textures, and then print out or display their creations.

Outdoor Exploration with Technology:

Source: benq.com

Take preschoolers outside and use technology to help them explore nature. Use a smartphone or tablet to take pictures of different plants, animals, or objects in nature, and then encourage children to identify and learn more about what they found. You can also use apps like iNaturalist or Project Noah to help identify plants and animals.

Sensory Play with Technology:

Source: theimaginationtree.com

Technology can also be used for sensory play activities. Use apps like Bubbles or Sensory Baby to create interactive and engaging sensory experiences for children. You can also use technology to create different textures or sounds and encourage children to explore and describe their experiences.

Building with Robotics:

Source: smithsonianmag.com

Preschoolers can also explore engineering concepts with robotics. Use toys like Bee-Bots or Dash and Dot to introduce basic coding and programming concepts, and encourage children to create structures and designs with the robots. This activity can help children develop problem-solving skills and encourage teamwork.

Virtual Playdates:

Source: csrakids.com

Use technology to connect preschoolers with other children for virtual playdates. Use video conferencing tools like Zoom or Skype to set up playdates with friends or family members who live far away. You can also organize virtual playdates with other preschools or community organizations to help children make new friends.

Educational Games:

Source: educationalappstore.com

Use technology to create fun and engaging educational games for preschoolers. Use apps like ABCmouse or PBS Kids to teach basic concepts like letters, numbers, and shapes. You can also use educational games to teach social-emotional skills like empathy, communication, and cooperation.

Coding with Robotics:

Source: reviewed.usatoday.com

Use robotics toys like Cubetto or Code-a-Pillar to teach preschoolers coding concepts. These toys use physical coding blocks that the child can manipulate to create a sequence of actions, teaching them about sequencing, loops, and conditional statements.

Digital Cooking:

Source: educationalappstore.com

Use technology to introduce preschoolers to cooking and nutrition concepts. Use apps like Cooking Mama or Toca Kitchen to help children learn about healthy food choices and basic cooking techniques. You can also use technology to document the cooking process, taking pictures or videos of the children making their own healthy snacks.

Virtual Tours:

Source: techcrunch.com

Use technology to take preschoolers on virtual tours of famous landmarks and museums around the world. Use virtual tour apps like Google Arts & Culture or National Geographic Kids to explore places like the Louvre or the Great Wall of China. This activity can help preschoolers learn about different cultures and histories from around the world.

Digital Storytime:

Source: farfaria.com

Use technology to create interactive and engaging storytime activities for preschoolers. Use apps like Storytime or FarFaria to read stories aloud with animations, sound effects, and interactive elements. You can also use digital storytelling tools to help children create their own stories and share them with others.

Virtual Science Labs:

Source: abacusbrands.com

Use technology to create virtual science labs for preschoolers. Use apps like Mystery Doug or Bill Nye the Science Guy to introduce science concepts, and then use hands-on experiments and observations to help children explore these concepts in more detail. This activity can help preschoolers develop a love for science and critical thinking skills.

Augmented Reality Games:

Source: youtube.com

Use augmented reality apps like Pokemon Go or My Very Hungry Caterpillar AR to create engaging games for preschoolers. These apps use the camera on a smartphone or tablet to place virtual characters or objects in the real world, encouraging children to explore their surroundings and use their imagination.

Digital Puzzles:

Source: play.google.com

Use technology to create digital puzzles for preschoolers. Use apps like Jigsaw Puzzle Kids or Toddler Puzzle Woozzle to introduce basic puzzle concepts like shapes, colors, and matching. You can also use digital puzzles to help children develop problem-solving skills and spatial reasoning.

Virtual Playgrounds:

Source: joinbeam.com

Use technology to create virtual playgrounds for preschoolers. Use apps like Playground Buddy or Playground AR to create interactive and engaging virtual playgrounds where children can play games, explore, and use their imaginations. This activity can help preschoolers develop physical skills and social-emotional skills while having fun.

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