20 Lorax Crafts for Kids

Calling all Lorax fans! Get ready to craft, create, and celebrate the whimsical world of Dr. Seuss with these 20 Lorax-inspired crafts for kids.

These activities are perfect for all ages and skill levels, making them ideal for a rainy day, an Earth Day celebration, or simply a fun way to spark creativity.

Whether your child is a painting pro or a glue-wielding warrior, there’s a Lorax craft waiting to be made!

Let’s Speak for the Trees with Low-Prep Crafts:

Paper Plate Lorax:

This classic craft is a great introduction for younger children. Use construction paper to create the Lorax’s features and glue them onto a decorated paper plate. Bonus points for adding a fuzzy pipe cleaner mustache!

Handprint Lorax:

This adorable craft captures a special moment while celebrating the Lorax’s message. Make colorful handprints on construction paper, then add details like eyes, a mustache, and a Truffula Tree “hairdo.”

Toilet Paper Roll Lorax:

Upcycle cardboard rolls into a delightful Lorax! Paint the roll orange, add construction paper features, and top it off with a yarn wig for that signature Lorax look.

Fork-Painted Truffula Trees:

Transform a simple fork into a Truffula Tree painting tool! Dip the prongs in different colors and create a vibrant forest on paper.

Salt Dough Lorax Charm:

Create a long-lasting Lorax keychain or necklace with air-dry clay (salt dough). Mold the Lorax shape, bake or air-dry it, then add paint and a keyring for a unique Lorax token.

Let’s Get Crafty with Paper Crafts:

Printable Lorax Template:

Find a Lorax template online and let your child’s creativity run wild! Color, cut, and assemble the Lorax for a quick and easy craft.

Paper Bag Lorax Puppet:

Craft a talking Lorax with a paper bag puppet! Decorate a brown paper bag with the Lorax’s face, add pipe cleaner arms, and put on a show!

Quilled Paper Truffula Trees:

This craft takes a bit more patience but yields stunning results. Use colorful strips of paper to create beautiful, spiraled Truffula Trees for a unique Lorax landscape.

Lorax Corner Bookmark:

Encourage reading with a Lorax-themed bookmark! Cut out a Lorax shape from construction paper, laminate it for durability, and clip it onto your favorite book.

Papercraft Lorax and Truffula Trees:

Create a 3D Lorax scene complete with Truffula Trees! Find printable papercraft templates online and carefully assemble the Lorax and his colorful forest.

Time to Get Messy with Fun Techniques:

Puffy Paint Truffula Trees:

Make your own puffy paint with shaving cream and glue for a fun sensory experience. Squeeze the paint onto paper and create fluffy, textured Truffula Trees.

Tie-Dye Coffee Filter Truffula Trees:

Science meets art with this vibrant activity! Dye coffee filters with bright colors and watch them transform into whimsical Truffula Trees.

Lorax Playdough Fun:

Let your child sculpt their own Lorax world with colorful playdough. Create the Lorax, Truffula Trees, and other characters from the story for imaginative play.

Fingerprint Lorax:

This craft is perfect for little hands! Use different colored paints to make fingerprints for the Lorax’s body, face, and mustache.

Sock Puppet Lorax:

Repurpose an old sock into a playful Lorax puppet! Decorate the sock with Lorax features, add buttons for eyes, and put on a show with multiple Lorax sock puppets.

Upcycle and Repurpose for Creative Fun:

Cereal Box Lorax:

Don’t throw away those empty cereal boxes! Cut and paint them to create a Lorax standing tall or a fun Lorax house for other small toys.

Lorax Milk Carton Feeder:

Upcycle a milk carton into a bird feeder fit for the Thneedville birds. Decorate it with a Lorax face and fill it with birdseed to attract feathered friends.

Lorax Plant Pot:

Breathe new life into a plain flower pot with a Lorax makeover! Paint it orange, add Lorax features, and plant colorful flowers for a cheerful decoration.

Lorax Costume Extravaganza:

Transform your child into the Lorax with a fun costume! Use an orange shirt or sweatshirt as a base, add felt eyebrows and a mustache, and create a Truffula Tree hairpiece with pipe cleaners and colorful craft yarn. Don’t forget the signature bushy eyebrows!

Lorax Friendship Bracelets:

Create colorful friendship bracelets with the Lorax theme! Use embroidery floss in orange, black, white, and other bright colors. Find a simple friendship bracelet braid pattern (like the forward braid) and incorporate the Lorax’s color scheme or create a Truffula Tree pattern with alternating colors. These bracelets are a fun way to share the Lorax message with friends and spread environmental awareness.

These 20 Lorax crafts are just the beginning! With a little imagination and these inspiring ideas, you and your child can create a world of Lorax fun. Remember, the most important part is to have fun, get creative, and spread the message of taking care of our planet.

Bonus Tip: While crafting, take some time to read Dr. Seuss’s “The Lorax” together. Discuss the environmental message of the story and how your Lorax crafts can be a reminder to take care of the Earth.

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