25 Spain Crafts for Kids

Embark on a vibrant adventure to Spain without leaving your living room! With these 25 creative crafts, kids can explore the rich culture, iconic landmarks, and lively traditions of this fascinating country.

From fiery flamenco dancers to magnificent matadors, these crafts are perfect for a rainy day activity, a classroom project, or a fun way to learn about a new place.

We’ve categorized the crafts by difficulty level (easy, medium, and hard) to make it easier to find the perfect project for your child’s age and skillset.

So, grab your supplies, crank up some Spanish music, and ¡vámonos! (Let’s go!)

Easy Crafts (Ages 4-7):

Spanish Flag Fun:

This is a great introduction to Spanish colors! Cut out red and yellow construction paper rectangles and glue them together to create the Spanish flag. Let your child decorate it with fun shapes or glitter.

Flamenco Fan Frenzy:

Use colorful construction paper or cut up painted paper bags to make a fan shape. Decorate it with markers, stickers, or pictures of flamenco dancers you cut out from magazines.

Dancing Castanets:

Cut out two small circles from cardboard or paint lids. Decorate them with paints or markers. Punch a hole in each circle and tie them together with yarn or string to make clicking castanets!

Papel Picado Party:

This traditional craft involves cutting out intricate designs from colorful tissue paper. You can find pre-cut sheets online or simply make your own with a simple geometric pattern. Hang them up for a fiesta atmosphere!

Doce Uvas Celebration:

On New Year’s Eve in Spain, people eat 12 grapes at midnight for good luck! Make a paper plate “clock” and glue on 12 construction paper grapes. Decorate them with markers or glitter.

Worry-Free Worry Dolls:

These tiny fabric dolls are a charming Spanish tradition. Wrap a small piece of yarn or embroidery thread around a pipe cleaner, leaving a loop for the head. Cut out a small fabric scrap for the body and tie it around the pipe cleaner. Whisper your worries to the doll before bedtime and place it under your pillow.

Bullseye Suncatcher:

Cut out a bull shape from black construction paper. Cover it with clear contact paper. Let your child decorate the “bull” with colorful tissue paper pieces for a stained-glass effect. Hang it in the window for a sunny surprise!

Medium Crafts (Ages 8-12):

Sagrada Familia Paper Model:

This iconic Barcelona church is famous for its spires. Find a printable template online or use construction paper to create your own basic model. Decorate it with colorful paints or markers.

Fiesta Fan Mask:

Transform a paper plate into a vibrant mask! Cut out eye holes and decorate with paint, glitter, feathers, and ribbons. Add long streamers on either side for a festive touch.

Tomatina Tomato Toss!:

Spain’s La Tomatina festival is a giant tomato fight! Use red and green construction paper to create a basket and tomatoes. Decorate a paper plate background with a blue sky and green grass. Let your child recreate the playful chaos!

Flamenco Dancer Doll:

Dress up a paper doll with a red ruffled skirt, a colorful shawl, and a flower in her hair. Use construction paper, paint, and markers to bring your flamenco dancer to life.

Spanish Matador Mobile:

Cut out a black silhouette of a matador and a red bull from construction paper. Thread them onto yarn or string and hang them from a coat hanger for a dynamic Spanish mobile.

Castanet Craft Collage:

Find pictures of Spanish instruments like castanets, guitars, and flamenco dancers in magazines or print them from the internet. Glue them onto construction paper to create a colorful collage.

Spanish Bull Chalk Art:

Take your art outdoors! On a sunny day, draw a majestic Spanish bull on the driveway or sidewalk with colorful chalk. Decorate it with geometric patterns for an authentic touch.

Royal Crown Craft:

Spain has a rich royal history. Create a crown fit for a king or queen! Decorate a cardboard headband with glitter, jewels (buttons or beads), and red and yellow construction paper cutouts.

Hard Crafts (Ages 12+):

DIY Dali Mustache: 

Salvador Dalí, a famous Spanish artist, is known for his quirky mustache. Use white pipe cleaners to create a fun, fuzzy mustache on a black construction paper background

Gaudi-Inspired Mosaic Art:

Antoni Gaudí, another renowned Spanish architect, is known for his use of colorful mosaics. Glue small squares of colored construction paper or tissue paper onto a cardboard cutout (could be a house, a flower, or anything you imagine) to create your own mosaic masterpiece.

Spanish Guitar String Art:

This project requires some adult supervision. On a sturdy piece of cardboard, hammer small nails in the shape of a guitar. Wrap colorful yarn or string around the nails, creating a web-like pattern.

Paper Mache Piñata:

Piñatas are a staple at Spanish celebrations. Blow up a balloon and cover it with strips of newspaper dipped in a flour and water paste. Let it dry completely before decorating it with brightly colored tissue paper and streamers. Fill it with small candies and toys for a festive finale!

DIY Flamenco Dress:

Transform a plain white t-shirt into a vibrant flamenco dress! Cut out large ruffles from red fabric and sew them onto the bottom of the shirt. Add colorful ribbons or fabric flowers for an extra touch of flair.

Spanish Tile Coasters:

Paint colorful geometric patterns on square ceramic tiles to create decorative coasters inspired by traditional Spanish tiles.

Spanish Market Basket:

Weave colorful yarn or strips of fabric around a cardboard or foam core circle to create a small basket, perfect for holding small treasures or displaying craft supplies.

Clay Pinch Pots:

Spain has a long history of pottery making. Use air-dry clay to create small pinch pots. Decorate them with paint and markers after they dry.

DIY Spanish Word Search:

This is a fun way to learn some basic Spanish words! Create a grid on cardboard and fill it with letters. Hide Spanish words like “hola” (hello), “gracias” (thank you), and “rojo” (red) among the letters.

Spanish Recipe Book:

Explore Spanish cuisine! Find kid-friendly recipes for dishes like tortilla española (Spanish omelette) or churros (fried dough pastries). Create a recipe book with illustrations and pictures for a delicious and creative project.

These crafts are just a starting point for your Spanish adventure! With a little imagination and these fun ideas, you and your child can explore the rich culture and beauty of Spain right from your home. ¡Diviértete! (Have fun!)

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