Toys That Start With L (50 Ideas)

Toys that start with L” offer a diverse range of options that cater to various interests and ages.

From timeless classics to modern innovations, this selection of toys brings joy and entertainment to children and adults alike.

Whether you’re looking for educational tools, imaginative playthings, or collectibles, the world of “L” toys has something for everyone.

So without further ado, let’s explore toys that start with L.

Toys That Start With L (50 Ideas)


LEGO sets offer endless possibilities for creativity and building, allowing children to construct their own imaginative worlds.

Learning Tablets (Toy)

Learning tablets provide interactive educational experiences for kids, combining play and learning through fun apps and games.

Labyrinth Board Game

The Labyrinth board game challenges players to navigate a maze filled with traps and treasures, offering hours of strategic and exciting gameplay.

Laser Tag Set

Laser tag sets enable thrilling battles of tag with lasers, adding an exciting twist to outdoor or indoor playtime.

Lion Plush Toy

Lion plush toys are huggable and cuddly companions that bring the charm of the animal kingdom into a child’s room.

Little Doctor Playset

Little doctor playsets inspire young imaginations to explore the world of medicine and caregiving, fostering empathy and creativity.

Lite-Brite Art Kit

Lite-Brite art kits allow children to create colorful and illuminated designs by placing pegs into a grid, making their artwork come to life.

Leapfrog Educational Toys

Leapfrog offers a range of educational toys that help kids develop essential skills like reading, math, and problem-solving in an engaging way.

Llama Stuffed Animal

Llama stuffed animals provide a soft and adorable companion for children, offering comfort and companionship.

Light-Up Yo-Yo

Light-up yo-yos add a dazzling element to the classic yo-yo toy, creating mesmerizing light patterns as they spin.

Life-Size Cardboard Cutouts (of Characters)

Life-size cardboard cutouts of beloved characters bring favorite movie or TV personalities into your living space, perfect for themed parties and room decor.

Little Builder Toolset

Little builder toolsets allow kids to explore construction and engineering through safe and age-appropriate tools and materials.

Lawn Dart Game (Toy Version)

Lawn dart games in their toy version offer a safe and enjoyable way for families to engage in a classic outdoor game of skill and accuracy.

Lighthouse Puzzle

Lighthouse puzzles challenge puzzlers to piece together stunning maritime scenes, combining fun and cognitive development.

Lullaby Musical Toy

Lullaby musical toys soothe infants and toddlers with gentle melodies, making bedtime a peaceful and comforting experience.

Lion Finger Puppet

Lion finger puppets are delightful and portable toys that encourage storytelling and imaginative play.

Little Chef Playset

Little chef playsets allow aspiring cooks to experiment with cooking, fostering creativity and culinary skills.

Lightning McQueen Toy (from Cars)

Lightning McQueen toys, inspired by the character from Disney-Pixar’s Cars, offer exciting racing adventures for young fans.

Laser Maze Game

Laser maze games challenge players to navigate through a maze of lasers, stimulating critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Little Farmer Playset

Little farmer playsets immerse kids in the world of agriculture, letting them care for toy animals and explore life on the farm.

Log Cabin Building Set

Log cabin building sets allow children to construct miniature cabins using interlocking logs, promoting fine motor skills and creativity.

Loom Band Kit

Loom band kits enable kids to create colorful bracelets, necklaces, and accessories using small rubber bands, enhancing dexterity and design skills.

Looney Tunes Character Plushies

Looney Tunes character plushies bring beloved animated characters like Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck to life, providing cuddly companionship.

LEGO Friends Sets

LEGO Friends sets are themed building kits that feature relatable characters and scenarios, encouraging imaginative storytelling and construction.

Lamb Puppet

Lamb puppets offer a charming way for kids to engage in puppetry, bringing stories and adventures to life with adorable characters.

Letter and Number Blocks

Letter and number blocks introduce young children to the fundamentals of literacy and numeracy through play.

Luxury Dollhouse

Luxury dollhouses provide intricate and beautifully designed miniature homes for dolls, offering endless role-playing possibilities.

Little Scientist Kit

Little scientist kits contain experiments and activities that spark curiosity and foster an early interest in science.

Light Drawing Board

Light drawing boards allow kids to create glowing artworks using a special pen or stylus, inspiring creativity and artistic expression.

Life-Size Doll

Life-size dolls offer a realistic play experience, allowing children to care for and interact with a companion of their own size.

Leopard Print Dress-Up Costume

Leopard print dress-up costumes let children transform into the majestic big cat, encouraging imaginative role-playing.

Locomotive Train Toy

Locomotive train toys provide classic railway adventures, allowing kids to build tracks and explore the world of transportation.

Lunar Landing Playset

Lunar landing playsets enable young space enthusiasts to recreate historic moon landings and embark on interstellar adventures.

Little Artist Set

Little artist sets come with various art supplies, inspiring creativity and allowing children to express themselves through drawing and painting.

Light Saber Toy (from Star Wars)

Light saber toys from Star Wars ignite epic battles between Jedi and Sith, making them must-haves for fans of the franchise.

LEGO Technic Sets

LEGO Technic sets challenge older kids and adults with complex engineering projects, offering a deeper level of building and functionality.

Ladybug Ride-On Toy

Ladybug ride-on toys are cute and entertaining, offering a fun way for young children to develop balance and coordination.

Llama Finger Puppet

Llama finger puppets bring a touch of whimsy to storytelling and imaginative play, fitting snugly on little fingers.

Leapfrog Reading System

Leapfrog’s reading systems engage children in reading comprehension and phonics activities, fostering early literacy skills.

Lifelike Baby Doll

Lifelike baby dolls provide a nurturing experience for children, allowing them to practice caregiving and empathy.

Lighthouse Playset

Lighthouse playsets transport kids to maritime adventures, complete with miniature boats and coastal scenery.

Laugh and Learn Puppy (Toy)

Laugh and Learn puppies are interactive toys that teach kids through songs, phrases, and engaging activities, making learning fun.

Learning Laptop (Toy)

Learning laptops offer educational games and activities that simulate a computer experience, helping kids develop essential skills.

Light-Up Building Blocks

Light-up building blocks add a dynamic element to construction play, illuminating structures and creations.

Lullaby Projector

Lullaby projectors cast soothing images and melodies onto the ceiling, creating a calming bedtime atmosphere for infants.

Lion Ride-On Toy

Lion ride-on toys let little ones take an adventurous ride while sparking their imaginations with wild animal-themed play.

Little Musician Kit

Little musician kits introduce children to the world of music with mini instruments and interactive activities.

Landmark Puzzle

Landmark puzzles challenge puzzlers to piece together famous landmarks from around the world, combining geography and fun.

Little Astronaut Playset

Little astronaut playsets allow kids to embark on space missions, exploring the cosmos and learning about space exploration.

Light-Up Globe (Toy)

Light-up globes provide an interactive way for children to learn about geography, displaying illuminated maps and interesting facts.

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