20 Van Gogh Art Projects for Kids

Vincent van Gogh, the Dutch Post-Impressionist painter, is known for his vibrant colors, swirling brushstrokes, and iconic masterpieces like “The Starry Night” and “Sunflowers.” His art is not only visually stunning but also full of emotion and energy.

Introducing kids to Van Gogh’s work is a fantastic way to spark their creativity and explore the world of art.

These 20 Van Gogh-inspired art projects cater to various ages and skill levels, making art exploration fun and accessible for everyone.

Exploring Van Gogh’s Techniques:

Swirling Stars:

“The Starry Night” is a favorite among children. Replicate the swirling stars using cotton swabs dipped in white or yellow paint. Kids can add a dark blue background with swirling brushstrokes for a classic Van Gogh touch.

Sunflower Power:

Van Gogh’s sunflowers are iconic. Use bright yellows, oranges, and browns to create a bold sunflower painting. Encourage kids to experiment with thick brushstrokes to add texture, mimicking Van Gogh’s style.

Fork Fun:

For a twist on painting, try using forks! Dip a fork in yellow paint and create swirling patterns on a canvas to create a field of vibrant sunflowers.

Hidden World:

Learn about Van Gogh’s use of impasto, where paint is applied thickly to create texture. Mix white glue with paint and build up layers to create a textured vase for your sunflowers.

Iris Dance:

Van Gogh’s irises are full of color and movement. Cut out iris shapes from different colored papers and arrange them on a black background. Kids can add details with crayons or markers to personalize their irises.

Inspired by Van Gogh’s Life:

Bedroom Blueprint:

Van Gogh’s painting of his bedroom offers a glimpse into his world. Have kids create a floor plan of their dream bedroom, drawing furniture and adding details inspired by the shapes and colors in Van Gogh’s artwork.

Cafe Terrace at Night:

This vibrant painting depicts a bustling cafe. Kids can build a 3D model of a cafe using cardboard boxes, paint it in bright colors, and add paper people to create their own nighttime scene.

Wheat Field Fun:

Fields of wheat are a recurring theme in Van Gogh’s work. Create a textured wheat field using brown yarn or raffia glued onto a canvas. Kids can add pops of color with yellow or orange paint for wildflowers.

Self-Portrait Surprise:

Van Gogh painted several self-portraits. Have kids create their own self-portraits using mirrors. Encourage them to experiment with vibrant colors and bold brushstrokes, inspired by Van Gogh’s style.

Sunflower Sensory Garden:

Head outdoors! Plant sunflowers and other brightly colored flowers to create a mini Van Gogh-inspired garden. Kids can decorate pots, create signs with fun facts about Van Gogh, and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Creative Activities:

Starry Night Mobile:

Transform “The Starry Night” into a mobile. Cut out stars, moons, and swirls from construction paper or felt. Thread them onto string or yarn and hang them from a mobile frame for a mesmerizing decoration.

Sunflowers in Bloom:

Create a vibrant sunflower mural using butcher paper. Dip crumpled paper bags in yellow paint and stamp them onto the paper to create blooming sunflowers. Kids can add details like leaves and stems with paint or markers.

Van Gogh Playdough:

Make your own Van Gogh-inspired playdough! Mix yellow, orange, and blue playdough to create vibrant colors for sculpting sunflowers, stars, or anything their imagination desires.

Nighttime Cityscapes:

Inspired by “Cafe Terrace at Night,” have kids create their own nighttime cityscape. Use black construction paper as the base and draw buildings with windows glowing with yellow lights.

Van Gogh Bingo:

Create a fun learning activity! Make bingo cards with squares featuring images of Van Gogh’s paintings, sunflowers, stars, and other related elements. Read out clues about Van Gogh or his art, and have kids mark the corresponding squares.

Art for All Ages:

Potato Printing Sunflowers:

For younger children, potato printing is a fun way to create sunflowers. Cut a potato in half and carve out a sunflower shape. Dip the potato in yellow paint and stamp it onto paper. Kids can add details with markers or paint.

Coffee Filter Flowers:

This is a simple and colorful activity. Dilute watercolors in small bowls with vibrant colors like yellow, orange, and blue.

Beyond the Brush:

Suncatcher Spectacle:

Create a dazzling suncatcher inspired by Van Gogh’s sunflowers. Use yellow, orange, and brown tissue paper cut into small squares. Glue them onto clear contact paper to create a sunflower design. Hang it in a sunny window for a vibrant display.

Van Gogh’s Van Gogh:

Combine art history and craft! Print out a black and white image of one of Van Gogh’s paintings, like “The Starry Night.” Kids can paint it in their own style, using bright colors and bold brushstrokes to create their interpretation of the masterpiece.

Clay Creations:

Mold Van Gogh’s iconic sunflowers or a simple vase in clay. Let the creations dry and then paint them with vibrant colors, mimicking Van Gogh’s style.

Tips for a Fun and Creative Experience:

  • Gather Inspiration: Before diving into projects, explore Van Gogh’s artwork together. Look at books, online resources, or visit a museum virtually if possible. Discuss the colors, brushstrokes, and emotions evoked by his paintings.
  • Embrace the Mess: Part of the magic of art is the process. Encourage kids to experiment and have fun! Don’t worry about perfection; focus on exploring techniques and expressing their creativity.
  • Art for All: Adapt these projects to suit different ages and abilities. Provide younger children with simpler materials like crayons or markers, while older kids can experiment with more advanced techniques.
  • Learning Through Art: Use these projects as an opportunity to delve deeper into Van Gogh’s life and work. Discuss his struggles and triumphs, the historical context of his art, and the significance of his use of color and brushstrokes.
  • Make it a Family Affair: Art projects are a fantastic family activity. Create a dedicated art space, put on some music, and get everyone involved.

By introducing children to Van Gogh’s art through engaging projects, we spark their creativity, nurture their artistic skills, and cultivate an appreciation for art history. So grab your supplies, unleash your inner artist, and explore the vibrant world of Van Gogh with your kids!

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