24 Letter R Activities for Preschool

Buckle up because we’re about to rock the preschool world with the letter R!

Get ready for some “Ridiculously Rad” activities that will make learning a total blast.

From rollicking rhymes to delightful crafts, here are captivating letter R activities for preschoolers that will spark their curiosity and ignite their love for learning.

Rumble in the Jungle:

Create a captivating sensory experience for preschoolers with a “Rumble in the Jungle” activity. Set up a jungle-themed sensory bin filled with various items that start with the letter “R,” such as rubber snakes, toy rainforest animals, and rocks.

Rainbow Art:

Unleash your preschoolers’ creativity with a captivating rainbow art activity. Provide them with a large piece of white paper or a canvas and a palette of vibrant watercolors. As they paint, talk about the colors, emphasizing the letter “R” words such as “red” and “rainbow.”

Royal Dress-Up:

Transform your preschoolers into little kings and queens with a captivating royal dress-up activity. Set up a dress-up corner with various costumes, including royal robes, crowns, and regal accessories.

Racing Relay:

Organize a captivating racing relay for your preschoolers, incorporating the letter “R” theme. Divide the children into teams and set up a racecourse with designated starting and finishing points. Provide each team with small race cars or toy animals, such as rabbits or robots. When you give the signal, the first player from each team races to the finish line, carrying their chosen item. Once they reach the finish line, they pass the item to the next player, who continues the race.

Rock Band Jam:

Let your preschoolers unleash their inner rock stars with a captivating rock band jam session. Provide them with various musical instruments such as tambourines, rhythm sticks, and maracas.

Robot Obstacle Course:

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Set up a thrilling robot-themed obstacle course where preschoolers can navigate their way through different challenges. Create stations with various activities such as crawling under a table (a robot tunnel), balancing on a beam (a robot walk), and stepping over hula hoops (robot rings). Each station can be labeled with a letter “R” word like “robot,” “race,” or “ring.”

Rhyme Time Treasure Hunt:

Organize a captivating treasure hunt that focuses on rhyming words starting with the letter “R.” Hide objects around the room or outdoor area that rhyme with words like “rat,” “rain,” and “rug.” Provide the children with clues that describe the objects using rhyming words. For example, “Look for a hat that is black as a cat.” As they find each object, discuss the rhyming words and reinforce the letter “R” sound.

Restaurant Role-Play:

Transform your preschool classroom into a captivating restaurant for role-play fun. Set up tables, menus, and play food items. Encourage the children to take turns being waiters, waitresses, and customers.

Rainstick Craft:

Engage preschoolers in a captivating art project by making their own rainsticks. Provide empty paper towel rolls, aluminum foil, rice, and art supplies like paints and stickers. Assist the children in covering one end of the paper towel roll with aluminum foil and securing it with rubber bands.

Recycling Challenge:

Teach preschoolers the importance of recycling through a captivating recycling challenge. Collect various items like paper, plastic bottles, and cardboard boxes. Set up recycling bins labeled with different letter “R” words like “recycle,” “reusable,” and “rubbish.” Explain the concept of recycling and its impact on the environment. Challenge the children to sort the items into the appropriate bins based on their material.

Rainbow Rice Sensory Bin:

Create a captivating sensory bin filled with rainbow-colored rice. Dye rice uses food coloring in various shades, such as red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. Place the colored rice in a large container and provide scoops, cups, and small toys for exploration.

Recycled Art Masterpiece:

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Encourage creativity and environmental consciousness with a captivating recycled art project. Collect a variety of recyclable materials like cardboard tubes, plastic bottles, and bottle caps. Provide glue, tape, and art supplies.

Rhythm and Movement:

Engage preschoolers in a captivating rhythm and movement activity. Play different genres of music and encourage children to move their bodies in response to the rhythm. Use words like “rhythm,” “dance,” and “rattle” to describe the movements.

Rock Sorting and Counting:

Capture the attention of preschoolers with a captivating rock sorting and counting activity. Collect a variety of rocks in different shapes, sizes, and colors. Provide sorting trays or containers labeled with the letter “R” words like “round,” “rough,” and “rock.”

Roadway Letter Tracing:

Create a captivating roadway-themed letter tracing activity. Use masking tape to create a large letter “R” on the floor. Place small toy cars or vehicles near the starting point of the letter.

Rainy Day Art:

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Embrace the letter “R” theme with a captivating rainy day art activity. Provide each child with a piece of paper and watercolor paints. Discuss words like “rain,” “raindrop,” and “water” as they paint.

Rock and Roll Yoga:

Combine movement and letter recognition with a captivating rock and roll yoga activity. Create yoga poses that represent different letter “R” words, such as “rock,” “roll,” and “reach.”

Riddle Time:

Engage preschoolers in a captivating riddle game that focuses on the letter “R.” Prepare a collection of simple riddles where the answer is a word that starts with the letter “R.” For example, “I have a long tail and make a purring sound. What am I?” (Answer: “cat”).

Rainforest Adventure:

Take preschoolers on a captivating rain forest adventure to explore the wonders of nature and the letter “R.” Create a rain forest themed play area with toy animals, trees, and plants.

Robot Letter Matching:

Create a captivating robot-themed letter matching activity. Draw or print out robot pictures and write uppercase and lowercase letters of the alphabet on their bodies. Cut out individual robot parts, such as heads, bodies, and legs, and mix them up.


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